General Cargo Standart


EMPTY WEIGHT ( ±%3) 5850 kg
AXLES 3x 9000 kg carrying capacity axle group, drum or Disc type, SERİN or BPW, SAF brand
CHASSIS SERİN Chassis in compliance with 98/91 EEC standards, formed by automatic submerged arc welding method as I-section made of high-strength steel material specially produced for SERİN
BRAKES Automatic Load Adjustment Valve RSS (Corning Safety System) Braking System in accordance with 71/320 EEC and 2002/78 EC Standards
LIFTING AXLE Front axle lifting system that prevents tire wear and provides convenience in turns
LANDING GEARS 24000 kg carrying capacity,Double Speed, QRC
brand mechanical Landing Gears
KING PIN 2” Flange type (SAF, JOST or Equivalent) King Pin in 94/20 EEC norms
REAR BUMPER Dipped galvanized (abrasion and corrosion resistant) movable rear bumper that complies with 70/221/ EC Standards and has been tested (compatible with Asphalt pouring machine Finisher)
AIR SUSPENSION Height adjustment system with lowering and lifting. Parabolic Z springs and shock absorber elements that limit excessive axle movement
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM AND LIGHTENING SYSTEM Led system Front Lambert and Side Position Lamps suitable for all towing vehicles with 2 x 7 and 1 x 15 pin socket in accordance with 76/756/EEC 2007/35 EC and ADR standards
TOOL BOX 1500 x 600 x 500 mm steel food cabinet,                                800 x 500 x 500 mm plastic tool box
WATER TANK 30 Lt Plastic water tank
TIRES AND RIMES 6+1 pcs 385/65/22,5 Tubeless tires, Steel Rims
SPEAR WHEEL CARRIER 1 unit x Reductor type
UPPER STRUCTURE Covers with a height of 80 cm, which can maintain their shape after high-strength impacts, made of sheet and profile specially produced for SERIN, and also covered with cataphoresis or galvanization.
SPANZET CONNECTION Hook system suitable for tying braces in every pillar
FLOOR 30 mm thick imported phenolic resin coated non-slip plywood floor in accordance with EN 283 norm. Resistant to 7.2 tons forklift load.
MUD COVER Anti-Spray plastic quarter mud guards
TENT TENSIONER HOOK 5 pcs tent tensioner hooks on each cover
LOCKING SYTEM Special locking system placed on the pillars and developed for easy closing of the covers

Optional Features

• Roll (Coil Carrier)


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