Lowbed 2 Axle



AXLE TYPE Drum axle type 4 x 18 ton capacity SERIN brand mechanical suspension, distance between axle 1520 mm.
CHASSIS FRAME High Strength I Profile Steel SERIN brand chassis fabricated with automatic welding techniques and Complies With 98/981 EEC Standards. Chassis Frame Resistance against banding moment is up to 60.000 pound per cm2. It Should be Capable to Carry 60 Ton (min) Pay Load.
RAMP Hydraulically raised, foldable, adjustable, made of non-skid steel plate thickness 6 mm chequered steel, heavy duty type capable of taking load min 60 ton. The slope of ramp is 15 degree, travelling position height of the ramp is 3400 mm.
LOADING PLATFORM Flatbed type covered with chequered steel /non-skid sheet 7 mm thick.
BRAKE SYSTEM Mechanical suspension, drum brake system WABCO ABS brake system with 2 line air connection on the front panel.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Flame prof electrical system 2×7 or 2×15 pin electrical socket.
ELECTRICAL LIGHTING SYSTEM EC standard type, there are amber color lights each side by 3 units, rear park lights protected with metal guard, license plate lights and reflector triangles.
LANDING GEAR 4 Piece Landing Gears Hydraulic Type
KING PIN 3.5″ king pin detachable from below made by SAE standards 8 bolt type
TWIST LOCK 4 Piece Twist Lock For 20 feet Container.
SUSPENSION TYPE Multi Leaf Spring Tandem Suspension supported with Shock Absorber
LASHING CHAIN 6 Sets Lashing Ring Around the Semi-Trailer
TIRES AND RIMS 16+1PCS, 12.00/R/20 radial type tubeless, GOODYEAR, BRIDGESTONE or equivalent. 20″ Steel Rim Type.


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