Bitumen Tanker

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FIFTH WHEEL 1300 mm.
KING PIN Jost Type – SAE standards 2” diameter how is assembled with 8 PCS bolts and is produced from forged 42 Cr Mo4.
CAPACITY Total Net Capacity: 40 000 lt.
AXLES 3 x 12 000 kg Drum Brake SERİN Brand Group
BRAKE AND SUSPENSION Air suspension, EBS brake system wabco brand.
LANDING GEARS Double speed 24000 kg weight capacity mechanical landing gears QRC brand
REAR BUMPER It is made according to the standard 70/221/ AT
WHEEL CHOCK Two set of the parking chocks.
TIRES AND RIMS 6+1 PCS 385 65R / 22, 5 Tubeless Tire. – Good Year, Bridgestone,LASSA or equivalents
MUD COVER Metal mudguard on the front of the semi trials on each side to cover the rear axles of the truck
SPARE WHEEL CARRIER One portable spare tire basket
BOXES 1 PCS Tool Box.
WATER TANK 60 lt Cr –Ni Water Tank. It is made from anti corrosion material.
PAINT Materials, after turning of the grease with chemicals, process for turning of the rust from the metal is made by send blasting with grit material. The first coat is phosphate after first coat two level of coat is protective epoxy coats. The last two coats is Acrylic Paint who has ability to last a very long period minimum five years. Process is ended after the drying process of the paint.
ELECTRIC ACCESSORIES AND LIGHTENING SYSTEM Amber lights from left and right side of the vehicle, 3 PCS of side lights from the both of sides , Rear parking light, Plate Light, triangle reflector. (Electrical system, E- certificated) ,2 X 7 pole plugs installed on the front of the semi trailer in safety position
TOOLS KEYS Wheel Hub Key, Axle Bolt Nut Key (Tommy) and key for a boxes
TANK SPECIFICATIONS 1-) The production for the Tank Shell it will be from ST 37 6 mm. The thickness of isolation (rockwool) it will be 10 mm. 2-) The cover of the Tank Shell it will be from steel 1,2 mm ST37 3-) The interior of the tank it will be without baffle plates, to minimize the movement of liquid during the motion of the vehicle. 4-) Both the front and rear dish ends have to make of one pcs. 5-) Upper cat walk from one side antiskid aluminum. (in order to avoid possible spark) 6-) Access leader to the upper of the tank installed at back. 7 -) 6 m long discharging hose asphalt hose 1 unit. 8 -) Plates and sticking labels for transporting dangers materials. Placed on the all three sides. 9-) One manhole
BITUMEN TANKER HEATING ACCESSORIES 1-) Burner: 2 pcs Alarko or Baltur with control units 2-) Heating pipe: 8-inch 6mm heating pipe, diesel tank. 3-) Pump: 3” Aspahalt pump capacity 35 cubicmeter/hour 4-) Generator: Min. 2 KW diesel generator (1 pcs) 5-) Temperature Indicator: 4 pieces

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